This video was based on unfortunate events in Paris and the events that are happening in Europe. We created this project with athletes and baseball clubs in the context of expressing our solidarity and support. Our band United5 dedicated to project WE ARE EUROPE our song called “Change”, which reflects our feelings. We believe, that even the most ordinary person can change a lot and that we all together can make it.

Everyone is able to download our song “Change“, if they want to add anything else to this project, and you can download it directly on our website, in the version of the WE ARE EUROPE project, as it was created originally. We look forward to your continued support, which you can upload directly on Youtube or send it to us in any way.

We want to thank to baseball clubs Dragons Brno, Technika Brno, Hroši Brno, Cobblers Zlín and to all of the people that were involved in this project.