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I´ve started with singing when I was little. I used to go to a singing classes for 8 years, after that I started to study singing at the school. My other hobbies are dancing, walking in nature and everything that makes sense haha. Art is the reason I live and I can not imagine life without art.

All my relatives know that I love American gospel. So I was looking for the church where they sing gospel, when I found it where I used to participated in for a long time and I really enjoyed it and I learned a lot there. I have always wanted to nurture the music because I do not have anything else haha. I am always trying to improve myself and develop what I have. And I can tell people to be believe and what has to come will come eventually. I believed, well I was hoping and waiting, that my dream will come true and suddenly I´ve became a member fo the boyband.

Personal achievements: It happened to me a few times that I won the singing competition. I have had participating in the International Festival of Music where I sang and represented Slovakia.