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Since childhood, I was led to music, theater and art. As a little boy I wanted to be a pilot or rider of Formula 1, I love music, I love to cook, I do not like hypocrisy. I’m pretty lively, extrovert person. I like to flaunt. My goal in life is to be happy. Return to parents all they gave me. What led me in my life. Prove to them that it was something. So they would one day said: “We are proud of you.”

I have always loved music. It is my belief, faith, the reason I get up. Work with people of this caliber like Andy Murray is a dream that come true for me. Boys from United5 are like brothers to me.

Personal achievements: Making signature tune for film festival in Zlin, advertising on TV Nova wining 1st place in the competition of conversational English. Jury Prize and the audience award for Best actor in a Leading Role in 2014/15


Languages: English, Spanish, French, Chinese