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My first interest is, of course, music and everything associated with it. I love when I get to work on myself  and after some time I can see the progress I´ve made. I like to express myself in a variety of creative activities. Furthermore I love about sports of all kinds but I do it only recreationally for fun. I love running in the countryside especially with headphones. It is for me a way to  let off steam and clear my head. I like to try new things, meeting new people. I love movies, books, architecture, interior design and I love to study people. People, human nature and psyche fascinates me. I am grateful when I can spend time with my family or friends. It gives me a great feeling when I can help someone and be useful. I’m the type of person who gives everything and everyone a chance! :)

Personal achievements: Probably that I intentionally lost in weight 37 pounds.: D There’s a lot smaller achievements but my biggest success is that I’m in a boyband.

Languages: English, Hungarian language and in the future I would like to improve my English and learn Spanish and French. I am already working on it

About me: From when I was born my mother always sang to me. She took me everywhere with her and sang to me. The biggest surprise for her was when I was about five months she has ended with the song, and suddenly I started singing myself growing up my song and suddenly I started singing myself. So she is always telling me that since I was born, she knew from I will sing. I was pretty quiet kid and I’ve never had any major problems except that I was pretty inept and destroyed everything unintentionally. Later in elementary school I was looking for a hobby and I really tried everything from karate, shooting, across all sports like football volleyball, tennis, swimming, hockey, hockeyball …. to theater, art, playing the piano, guitar and graphic creation . All things impressed me and everywhere I’ve found something I liked on but it still didn´t felt like the right thing.

I never thought that I could be a singer because I didn´t believed in myself and I did not want to sing in front of anyone. Only when I once sang and my teacher Mrs. Henrieta Záležáková heard me singing and offered me to taking her singing lessons. I hesitated but I resolved, and I tried it and when I did that I found it as the right thing for me. That’s what I love and what I want to do in my life. It´s my lifestyle and I owe it all just to Henrieta Záležáková. From my childhood I was a freak for everyone and no one understood me and music was like a drug for me that has always helped me in difficult times. Since then I was singing everywhere I was. After a huge failure and mockery in the talent competition, I felt like giving up but some “inner engine” would not let me to do so. So I stayed and came up across a huge success UNITED5! The universe has to be balanced.

I owe this all to my family, all my friends and the people around me, who were always here and still supported and helped me.