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As a child I wasn´t different than all the other kids. I had my dreams, my friends and my hobbies. My biggest hobby, however, were computer games. I spent a lot of time behind the black box and I neglected friends. On the other hand, these games helped me with my English. But I realized that what my friends can give me, my Internet gaming will never be able to offer. Later I discovered that I love football, hide and seek , ,, legs or feet” . Also throwing muddy balls into the windows left in me a couple of unforgettable experiences. But mostly it was the feeling when I could put a smile on a face of someone whom I know. Whether it was a joke, a joke or something artistic.

Besides football has also liked writing and dancing. Later, the theater itself. My passion for football is very strong, but I´ve found something that my heart completely loves. Singing. It is interesting that my biggest decisions played a major role in movies or books. In football (Goool), dance (Step Up) and theater (Fame) I was inspired by these movies.

How much I love singing, I realized when I went to church because of one girl. There I first few times sang the songs for old people how God loves us, and how we obey. I was really happy when I could sing. Even though, as the people around me were saying that I’m embarrassing. I had around me those people who supported me when I needed it most. Whether they are members of the family, or Domino Horáčik. I didn´t give up. I did not care if I can sing or not, because I was doing what I loved the most. And everyone should do it.

My achievements: Won the international tournament in futsal (namely Pape) – 2012

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Languages: English, Czech, Slovak, German (beginner)